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Date: 30th December 2016
All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable ADSS Cable
Product Name?ADSS Cable?Model?All Dielectric Self-supporting Aerial Cable Number?S001Application:?.Erect on the same pole with power line in new and old power line. ?.A long span ?.Areas of strong electric field, multi-thunder, etcCharacteristics:?.small cable Dia, light weight, 1,500m span, low attached load on tower. ?.Tension strength is over 90KN. ?.Non-metal structure, good insulation, anti-thunder.?.Fine production technology, even force for aramid fiber, with superior stress flexibility.?.anti gun fire.?.Anti electro-corrosion.?.Adapt for bad climate.?.May construct without power cut, a power line failure doesn't influence cable's normal transfer.?.loose cover GYTA cable core, non-metallic core reinforced.?.Tension units are elastic modulus aramid fiber.?.Electric trace resistant outer sheath is adopted to run safely under a circumstance of space electric field (E) ?25KV/m.ADSS with grade A sheath (Parts)Structure drawingOrder Type ModelADSS-PE 24 M15.5/ AADSS-PE48 M17.7 / CADSS-PE72 M21.2 / DFiber count24fiber48fiber72fiberSize of tube?2.1mm?2.6mm?3.0mmCable diameter?13.4mm?14.9mm?16.4mmCable weight139kg/km172kg/km209kg/kmRTS38.8kN44.3kN56.6kNLinear expansion coefficient2.2?10-6/?2.0?10-6/?1.8?10-6/?Young's modulus16.5kN/mm217.5kN/mm218.6kN/mm2ADSS with grade B sheath (parts)Structure drawingOrder Type ModelADSS-AT 24 M14 / AADSS-AT48M15.2 / CADSS-AT72 M21.2 / DFiber count24fiber48fiber72fiberSize of tube?2.1mm?2.6mm?3.0mmCable diameter?13.2mm?14.3mm?16.3mmCable weight146kg/km169kg/km220kg/kmRTS35kN37.9kN52.9kNLinear expansion coefficient4.5?10-6/?4.8?10-6/?3.6?10-6/?Young's modulus15.5kN/mm214.9kN/mm217.9kN/mm2 ? ? ?ADSS with grade B sheath (parts)Structure drawingOrder Type ModelADSS-AT144 M12.3 / DFiber count144fiberSize of tube?3.0mmCable diameter?20.7mmCable weight344kg/kmRTS30.8kNLinear expansion coefficient3.5?10-6/?Young's modulus6.22kN/mm2