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Date: 30th December 2016
FTTH Non-metal Central Loose Tube Out Cable
Product Name?FTTH Non-metal Central Loose Tube Out Cable?Model?outdoor optic cable Number?F006Application:??.Adopted to Outdoor distribution. ??.Adop0ted to trunk power transmission system. ??.access network and local network in high electromagnetic interfering places.Characteristics:??.Non-metal strength member. ??.Filler protect loose tuber fiber. ??.Non-metal strength has an excellent anti-electromagnet ability.Technical Parameters:Cable CountOut sheath ? ? ?DiameterWeightMinimum allowable Tensile Strength ? ? ?(N)minimum allowable Crush Load ? ? ??N/100mm)Minimum Bending Radius ? ? ?(MM)Storage ? ? ?temperature(MM)(KG)short termlong termshort termlong termshort termlong term???21000300100030020D10D-40+6041000300100030020D10D61000300100030020D10D81000300100030020D10D121000300100030020D10DOptical CharacteristicsFiber SortMultimodeG.651A1a:50/125Graded-index fiberA1b:62.5/125SinglemodeG.652(A?B?C?D?B1.1:Conventional fiberG.653B2: Zero ?dispersion shiftedG.654B1.2 :Cut-off wavelength shiftedG.655B4: Main technical data for positive ? ? ? ? ? ?dispersion shifted single-mode fiber