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Date: 30th December 2016
MU Singlemode Fiber Optic Attenuators
MU/UPC Singlemode Female-Male Build Out Fiber Attenuators?MU/UPC Plug in type optical Attenuators MU/UPC single mode fiber attenuators are commonly used in fiber optic communications to the the power level of a fiber cable by controlling the amount of signal loss that is passed through the signal. MU/UPC single mode fiber optic attenuators can also be used on a more permanent basis in order to match the signal with a transmitter and receiver's specific power levels.Commonly used attenuation range is from 1dB to 20dB. Features: Metal ion doped fiber High-power light source durability Wavelength independence Attenuation levels ranging from 1dB to 25dB 1310nm, 1550nm and 1310/1550nm dual wave lengths Applications: Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) Dense Wave Division Multiplexers (DWDM) Overpowered fiber optic systems Specifications: Attenuation Value 1dB ~ 30dBOperating Wavelength 1240 ~ 1620nm (Dual 1310/1550nm)PremiumReturn LossUPC >55dBAPC >65dBAttenuation ? ? ?Accuracy1 ~ 7 dB ?0.5dB8 ~ 12 dB ?0.7dB13 ~ 17 dB ?1.0dB18 ~ 25 dB ?1.3dBMaximum Optical Input Power 1000mWPolarization Dependent Loss ?0.1dBOperating Temperature Range -40 to 75Storage Temperature Range -40 to 85Humidity 95%RHOrdering Information: ? ?ATT-ABCDEFG ? ? ?ATT-ABCDEFGAttenuatorAdapter -AFerruleAdapter-BFerruleModeAttenuationWavelengthLP=LC/UPCM=MaleLP=LC/UPCM=MaleSM= Single Mode1dB31=1310nmLA=LC/APCF=FemaleLA=LC/APCF=FemaleMM=Multi-mode?55=1550nmFP=FC/UPCFP=FC/UPC9dB85=850nmFA=FC/APCFA=FC/APC10dB30=1300nmSP=SC/UPCSP=SC/UPC15dBSA=SC/APCSA=SC/APC20dBST=ST/UPCST=ST/UPC25dBMU=MU/UPCMU=MU/UPC30dBPacking: One piece per PE bag with stick label (we could add customer's logo in the label)